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I am a programmer and an artist and I often attempt to combine the two and make games. I have limited success on my own, but success nonetheless. Here's a list of projects that I've been working on and have some degree of playability with:

click images to enlarge. double outlined images are concepts or mockups.
Pitch Black
Platform: Windows (Game Maker 8)
Status: Paused - Have to rewrite the engine in GameMaker:Studio

Pitch Black is a sidescrolling platformer. The story goes that Daisy Cutter is a young witch who would rather play baseball with her friends rather than brew and hex. It gets to the point where her talking cat familiar gets fed up and steals her wand, capturing her friends, turning them into monsters and mutating the world around her. She sets off to save her friends and spray her cat with a waterbottle.

The main gimmick to this game is that she can swing her bat and hit projectiles back, magically homing in on a targeted area. This project is in a very early stage but you can play around with the features by downloading this file: PitchBlack_Build017 Controls: WASD, Aim with mouse, Click to swing bat and select target.


(Coming Soon)

Dungeon Master

(Coming Soon)
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